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    Welcome to Lacuna.us. This my creative outlet. Here, you can find nearly all the projects I have ever posted on the web. On the right are full-blown projects that deserved their own site. On the left are writings and such that don't fit anywhere else. Feel free to see what you can find. I will introduce the various destinations for you. Here, you will find:

    • I have copious links to places all over the web.
    • Reviews of various things I have written.
    • Observational essays about life in general, that I call Musings.
    • My unfinished Page of Shame discusses historical figures whom I don't care for.
    • When I find a site that truly impresses me, I post it as a Featured Link.
    • Although a very old game, Starcraft still has a great appeal to me, so I host some maps I like.
    • I love to read Web Comics, and have linked to my favorites.
    • The LDS Church has many interesting facets I love to study.
    • I have moved the latest news for this site to its own page

    Offsite, you can also find some interesting places to visit:


    Copyright © 2007 Matthew Rutherford
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