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    Lacuna.us Big List of LDS Links

    On this page, one can find a truly balanced look at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In saying balanced, I do not mean all the statements contained on the pages I link to are fair and balanced in their tone or message. Rather, I say balanced because I have both positive and negative links here. Critics and apologetics alike get equal space here. You can read inspirational messages, absolutely hateful messages, and anything between by following the links on this page. One might wonder why I included the negative.

    I believe that the serious student of the LDS faith needs to hear both sides to make up his or her mind. This may not agree with statements made by General Authorities of the church, but it is my opinion that there is truth in many spaces, not just the pro-Mormon camps. Truth in anti-Mormon or critics pages? Yes. Those areas in which Latter-day Saints are failing to do enough, we deserve the criticisms we receive. In our attempts to defend the faith with poor science or poor logic, we need to improve. I include both sides to the question on purpose, because I believe much can be learned. There must be opposition in all things. Also, I believe that those who convert and are baptised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints should be better informed and aware of what is being said.

    Having been raised a Latter Day Saint, also known as a Mormon, I have been heavily influenced by its teachings and doctrine. I have no idea where my life would be if I were not a Mormon. I love studying the gospel and reading what the critics have to say. I don't shy away from another's belief systems, even if it contradicts mine. I don't deny anyone's right to believe as he or she will, and expect similar treatment in return.

    There are links here to some pretty interesting stuff. Not all are nice, not all are true (and with all the contradicting statements, hey, someone has to be wrong), but all of them are thought provoking. I had no idea, for instance, that there were so many splinter groups. I read somewhere that there are over 200. Quite a bit of divergent views. Enjoy, and feel free to give feedback.

    New! I have added a forum where we can discuss ideas and topics about the gospel in a rational and respectful manner. Go to the forum now to get in on the action.

    I have also created a blog in which I share some of my feelings about the gospel. Feel free to visit there and see what else I have to say:
    Teach them Correct Principles

    And lastly, my brother and I are creating a seperate site dedicated to enhancing what is on this site. It is still growing, but feel free to visit and make comments at: correctprinciples.lacuna.us

    The categories below are:
    Original Essays on Lacuna.us
    Basic Information and Statistics
    Offsite Essays - Positive
    Offsite Essays - Critical
    Mainstream and Inspirational
    Changed Doctrine and other Embarrassing or Forgotten Things
    Apologists, Evidences and Thinking Links
    Ex-Mormons, Critics and Unfriendly
    Splinter Groups, Fundamentalists, Independents and other LDS Branches and Denominations
    LDS History
    Collections of Writings, Essays and Classic Works of Interest to Mormons
    Sunday School Helps
    Link Lists
    Mormon Culture
    Commercial Sites
    LDS Arts
    Mormon Humor, Fun and Games
    LDS Blogs and other restorationist blogs
    Food Storage and Survival

    Those entries below with a star (*) after them are the most recently added items.
    Last Changed on 5/13/2006 7(updated most Sundays)

    Original Essays Only Found Here (in chronological, not alphabetical, order)
    Thoughts about Mormon Hypocrisy by Matt Rutherford
    Utah Drivers by Matt
    Bruce McConkie & the Humanity of Leaders by Matt
    My Views on Elder McConkie by Jon Rutherford
    Teaching Sunday School & Leader Weaknesses by Matt
    Scripture Reading & Listening to the Prophet by Matt
    The Weaknesses of the Leaders by Matt
    My Father, My God Part 1 by Jon
    Bearing testimony by Matt
    Brigham, the man and the Prophet (revised) by Jon
    The Great Circumcision Debate by Matt
    My Father, My God, Part 2 by Jon
    Why I Read Anti Material by Matt
    Are Women Really More Spiritual than Men? by Matt
    Ordinances and Covenants by Jon
    Circumcision, Debates and Covenants by Matt
    That Men May Be by Jon
    The Beginners Guide toMormon Types by Matt
    My Father, My God, Part III by Jon
    The Threat Within by Jon
    Priesthood and the Female Believer by Matt
    Sex Attitudes and Teaching our Youth by Matt
    The Participatory Gospel and Setting Limits by Matt
    I've a Mother There--Our Mother in Heaven by Jon
    The "Gay Question": Private Preference or Public Policy by Lars
    Taking a Stand: The Church's, the World's, and My Stance on Gay Marriage by Jon
    The Gay Marriage "Problem": A Mormon Fence-sitter's Perspective by Matt
    The Next Thirteen Articles of Faith by Matt
    Basic Information and Statistics
    97 Splinter Groups listed with descriptions
    Adherents LDS Statistics Page
    The Cumorah Project
    Grandpa Bill's G.A. Page
    LDS Missions.net
    LDS Mission Network
    LDS Temples
    Mormon Dictionary
    Mormon Wiki
    Mormon Studies Wiki
    Quorum of the 12
    Wikipedia entry for 12 Apostles

    Offsite Essays - Positive
    The 120-Witness Miracle
    Adam-God Different Thoughts
    Adam-God's Last Stand
    The Authorship of the Book of Mormon
    Caffeine, Chocolate and the Word of Wisdom
    Can the Temple Ceremony Change? (pdf)
    Can a True Prophet Teach about Moon Men?
    The Canonical or Biblical Exclusion
    Critical Analysis of Book of Abraham in light of . . . . . . . . . . .Noncanonical Jewish Writings
    David B. Haight conference talk about near death
    Did early LDS leaders misunderstand the First Vision?
    Elden Watson's Adam-God Explanation
    Elite Religion vs. Common Religion
    Evasive Ignorance: Refuting Claim B.H. Roberts lost his . . . .testimony
    The Exclusion by Misrepresentation (anti tactics)
    Explanation of Mormon Temple & Mason Similarities
    The Family: A Proclamation to the World
    The Father and the Son, Two Gods of the Old Testament
    First Vision, Another Perspective
    I Can Fool Some of the Mormons Some of the Time
    The Impact of Mormon Critics on LDS Scholarship
    Interaction w/Non-Israelites in the Book of Mormon
    Internet Mormon vs. Chapel Mormon
    Is there and R-Rated Movie Commandment?
    Joseph Smith and Early Christianity
    The Joseph Smith Hypocephalus
    The Jurisprudence of Seer Stones
    King Follett Discourse
    Lehi as Moses
    Letter on the Brethren and Mistaken Doctrine
    Neglected Evidence on the Book of Abraham
    Newsweek Interview of Pres. Hinckley
    Nauvoo Doctrine in Light of Book Of Mormon . . . . . . . . . . . .Prophecy
    The Origin of Man - The First Presidency statement from 1909 affirming our belief in divine design.
    Origin of Man and Prophecy Fulfilled - Statement by George Albert Smith on the origin of man and our place on this earth.
    The Press isn't Helping the Church Wipe Out Racism
    The Protean Joseph Smith
    A Response to LDS History Revisionists
    Self Image, Self Love and Salvation
    The Spaulding Theory Debunked
    Who Holds the Keys? Pope or Prophet (both sides)
    Why Early Christianity Adopted Greek Philosophy
    Why I Believe
    Will Blood Sacrifice Continue?
    Works and Salvation

    Offsite Essays - Critical
    An Address to all Believers in Christ by David Whitmer
    An Address to All Believers in the Book of Mormon by David Whitmer
    Answers to Apologetic Claims about DNA & BoM
    Critique of The Family: A Proclamation to the World
    Critique of the Three Kingdoms of Heaven
    Demonic Names in the Book of Mormon - An examination of the names in the Book of Mormon that, to the author, appear to have improper connection with demons.
    The Failure of Mormon Self-Government (pdf)
    Five Reasons Joseph Smith Died a Fallen Prophet
    Foundation for Discrimination
    Homosexuality and the LDS Church: a Changing Continuum - Written by a gay minister, this essay takes the church to task for many of its attitudes toward homosexuality. However, it is written in a fair and balanced manner, has a lot of historical integrity and remains more honest than most essays on this topic would be.
    How Obvious Would it Have to Be?
    Inside a Mormon Temple
    Interesting Notes on Succession at Nauvoo in 1844
    Is Mormon Temple Ceremony Secret or Sacred?
    Jehovah as Father: Development of Jehovah Doctrine
    Joseph Smith: America's Hermetic Prophet
    Joseph Smith and the Kabbalah
    Joseph Smith and the Making of a Modern Myth
    Joseph Smith's Attempt to Save the Book of Mormon
    Joseph Smith and Women
    LDS Splinter Groups Growing
    Mainstreaming and the Future of the LDS Church
    Mormon Bishop's Resignation Letter to Elder Holland
    The Mormon Christ
    Mormon Misuse of the word "Translation"
    Mormonism - Legitimate Religion?
    Mormon Racism in Perspective
    Occultic and Masonic Influences in Early Mormonism
    Prophet Puzzle - Joseph, a pious fraud
    The Quetzalcoatl Question
    Rejecting the Mormon Claim (in 13 parts)
    Shadow Influences of Polygamy on Sexuality . . .
    Shame and the Destruction of Agency
    Succession in Presidency and Authority
    Three Pillars of LDS Church Apostasy
    True Origin of the "Celestial Kingdom"
    The Voice of Him that Crieth in the Wilderness (online book decrying Mormons and any non-born again faith)
    We See What We Believe: The Heterosexualization of . . . . . Gay Men and Lesbians in the LDS Church
    What can I give a Mormon to read that is not 'anti'?
    What you need to know about the Mormons
    Who Holds the Keys? Pope or Prophet (both sides)

    Mainstream and Inspirational Links
    Accent on Mormon Beliefs
    All About Mormons
    Allen Leigh's Mormon Site
    BBC's Mormonism Page
    Ben Spackman's Domain
    Be Smart
    The Black LDS page
    The Book of Abraham Project
    Chapman LDS Research Group
    Cordell Vail's Epistles and Handouts
    Cumorah Lore
    The Cumorah Project
    Davidic Chiasmus and Parallelisms
    D. Calvin Andrus Talks and LDS References
    Free Audio Book of Mormon
    Genesis Group for black members of the church
    Hill Cumorah Visitors' Center
    Historic Navoo - Official website for the Navoo mission of the LDS church.
    History of Mormonism* - Faith-promoting site that talks about mainstream LDS history, both the good and the tragic.
    Jeff Lindsay's LDS Page
    Joseph Smith.net
    Latter Day Sexual Recovery
    LDS CES* - Church Education System site (i.e. seminary and institute information, including the manuals, which can be viewed online or downloaded).
    LDS Church Music
    LDS Files
    LDS Gems
    LDS Image Archive
    LDS Information by Michael Griffith
    LDS Newsroom
    LDS Priesthood and Auxiliaries Resources
    LDS Resources about Homosexuality
    LDS.org - official page
    LDS Temples (Official Page)
    LDS Voices - LDS speeches, podcast style
    LDS World - archived copy
    Meridian Magazine
    Mormon Converts.org
    Mormon Haven
    Mormon Prophecy
    Mormons Today
    Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    Music and the Spoken Word
    Nauvoo.com* - Started by Orson Scott Card, this site is a place for Latter-day Saints to talk about the gospel and about LDS writing in a friendly, non-argumentative environment.
    New Jerusalem
    A Noble Work
    Online LDS Stake
    Palmyra, New York Temple
    Photograph of Joseph Smith, Jr.
    School of Abraham
    Springs of Water
    Zion's Army

    Changed Doctrine and other Embarrassing , Forgotten or Disputed Things
    1990 Temple Ceremony Changes
    Adam-God Theory on Wikipedia
    Annointing Motherhood: a Glimpse
    B. H. Roberts lost his faith?
    Blacks and the Priesthood in the Mormon Church
    Brigham Young's Rise to Power
    Burning of the Navoo Temple
    The Changed Doctrine of Deity
    Changes in the Account of the First Vision
    Changes in the Book of Mormon
    The Changing Name of God
    Controversial LDS Issues listed on Wikipedia
    The Council of 50
    The Danites
    DNA and the Book of Mormon
    George Lee: Indian Placement, Heirarchy & Heretics
    Great Moments in LDS History
    Introduction to the Adam-God Theory
    The Issue of The Mormon Baptisms
    of Jewish Holocaust Victims
    - A very detailed account of the LDS church and its baptism of dead Jews, considered an affront by the Jewish community.
    Joseph Smith and Moon Men
    The Kinderhook Plates
    LDS Egyptologyst doubts Smith's Abraham Translation
    Mormon Blood Atonement: Fact or Fantasy?
    Mormonism and Blood Atonement
    Mormonism, Original Sin, & the ancient heresy of . . . . . . . . .Pelagianism
    The Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857
    The "Myth" of Brigham Young's Transformation
    Mormon Polygyny during 19th Century
    Paul H. Dunn in the Name of God
    The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith
    Priesthood for Women?
    The Salamander Letter
    Same Sex Temple Sealings
    Second Annointings
    The September Six
    The Succession Crisis
    The Teachings of Brigham Young not in the manual Washing and Annointing Performed by Sisters
    Wikipedia Entry for Second Annointings
    Wikipedia Entry for Succession Crisis
    Zelph, the White Lamanite

    Apologists, Evidences and Thinking Links
    17 Little-known Truths about Mormons
    Answerbag on Mormon Religion (both sides)
    Anti-Bigotry Initiative
    Apologetics, Defending the Faith
    Barry's Early Christianity and Mormonism Page
    The Bible and the Book of Mormon
    The Book of Mormon - exploration of authenticity
    Black Mormon Homepage
    Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum
    Book of Mormon Evidences
    Book of Mormon Foundation
    Book of Mormon in the Light of Science; Thomas Key
    Buck and Mike - Gay Mormon who got married
    Brant Gardner's LDS Page
    BYU Studies
    Come to Zarahemla
    A Cry from the Dust
    David Bowie's Mormon Links
    Defender of Truth
    Defense of the LDS Faith
    Dialogue: a Journal of Mormon Thought
    Disciples2 - Mailing list for the discussion of what it means to be gay and Mormon. Has been active on the web for 12 years.
    Disputed Mormon Texts
    Elden Watson's LDS Page
    Eyring-L - An Internet mailing list devoted to the discussion of Mormonism and Science.
    Family Fellowship (for families with gay members)
    Gay Mormon
    Greater Things
    John Hesch "LDS Articles I have Written"
    John Pratt's Articles for LDS Christians
    Joseph Told the Truth
    Kevin Graham's LDS page
    LDS Church's official position on Same-Gender Attraction - Question and answer session, answered by Elder Oaks and Elder Wickman. Official church position on the subject.

    The LDS Endowment (friendly site)
    LDS Evidences
    LDS Last Days
    LDS Safe Space (for gay and lesbian members)
    LDS Hoaxes and Myths archive
    Links to Enhance LDS Study of the New Testament
    Mel Tungate's page (lots of LDS info)
    Messenger of the Fullness of the Gospel
    Mormon Discussion
    Mormon Discussions* - From the Celestial Room to Outer Darkness, there are several discussion boards here for people of all stripes who wish to discuss LDS culture and doctrine.
    The Mormon Faith and Black Folks
    MormonL - Google Discussion Group
    Mormon Metaphysics blog
    Mormonism Researched by Kerry A. Shirts
    Mormons Suck has both sides
    Mormon Thinking Links - has both sides
    My Egyptology
    Nathan Oman's LDS Papers
    The Nephi Project
    Notes on the Trinity
    Orson Scott Card on Beliefnet
    Peculiar People: Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation
    Questions about the "Problems" in the Book of Mormon
    Resources for Understanding the History & Symbolism . . . . . . of LDS Temples
    Revelation 22:18-19 Mormon Theology Killer Passage
    Revised History of Homosexuality & the Mormonism
    Robert Kirby Columns
    Russel Y. Anderson's Response to Mormon Critics
    Science & the LDS Religion papers by David H. Bailey
    Science, Scripture Study and Mormonism
    Soc.Religion.Mormon - Google Discussion Group
    The Spinozist Mormon blog
    Sunstone Magazine
    The Temple of God
    Unauthorized Investigator's Guide
    The U.S. constitution and Mormonism
    Wade England's Apologetics
    Zarahemla Book of Mormon Research Foundation
    ZLMB Message Boards

    Ex-Mormons, Critics & Unfriendly
    20 Truths about Mormonism
    Alpha and Omega Ministries
    Answerbag on Mormon Religion (both sides)
    Apologetics Index
    Apostasy A to Z
    Arguing for Reason: Examining All Sides
    Berean Christian Ministries Mormon Studies
    Bob McCue's Spirituality
    Book of Mormon Studies
    Catholic Refutation of Mormonism
    Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
    A Christian's Review on Bad Religions and Beliefs
    The Church is Not True
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Even More Latter Day Saints
    The City of Zion.com
    Contender Ministries on Mormonism
    Cult Awareness and Information Center - LDS page
    Darkness to Light Mormon page
    Dr. Shades' Mormonism Page
    Evangelical Outreach Information for Mormons
    Ex-Mormon Foundation
    ExMormon.net - Mark D. Champneys
    False Doctrines and False Religions
    From Salt Lake City to Rome
    Helping Mormons Reach Perfection
    How to Talk to a Mormon
    Jews for Judaism Mormon site - Site in which Jews take Mormons to task for various claims Mormons have that do not jive with Jewish belief.
    Joseph Lied
    LDS Page on Religious Tolerance
    LDS Internet Explanation Service
    The Latter Day Saint Temple Endowment Page
    Leadership U Mormon Pages
    Let us Reason Ministry's Mormon Page
    Life After Ministries
    Little Evidence of Israelites Migrating to the Americas
    Maze Ministry
    Mission to Mormons
    Mormon 2 Catholic (conversion blog)
    Mormon Challenge
    The Mormon Connection
    Mormon Conspiracy
    The Mormon Curtain
    Mormonism and the LDS church
    Mormons in the Blogspot
    Mormons in Transition
    Mormon Research Ministry
    Mormon Scripture Studies
    Mormon Studies Homepage
    Mormons Suck has both sides
    Mormon Thinking Links - has both sides
    Mormon Truth
    My Fortress Mormonism site
    New Covenant Ministries for Mormons
    Page of Honest Intellectual Inquiry
    Post Mormon
    Reachout Trust articles on Mormonism
    Real Mormon History
    Reason, the Mormon History Puzzle
    Recovery from Mormonism
    Refiner's Fire Ministry (anti RLDS)
    Rethinking Mormonism
    Richard Packham's Home Page
    Rick Ross Institute on the Mormon Church
    Recovery from Mormonism
    Saints Alive in Jesus
    The Salamander Society
    Soul Device's Mormon Essays
    Spiritual Pathways Ministries (has several anti articles)
    Tektonic Ministry Mormon Info (near end of page)
    Transporter Mormon page (Catholic perspective)
    Truth and Grace Mormon page
    Truth in Love to Mormons
    Utah Gospel Mission
    Utah Lighthouse Ministry
    The View from the Foyer
    Watchman Fellowship tools for Witnessing to LDS
    Word for the Weary
    Zarahemla City Limits
    Splinter Groups, Fundamentalists, Independents and other LDS Branches and Denominations
    97 Splinter Groups listed with descriptions
    A good list of splinter groups
    All Manner of Ites - Yahoo Discussion Group
    Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons 
    Angel Message Ministries (RLDS apologists)
    Apostate Reconciliation
    Apostolic United Brethren
    Art Bulla
    Association for the Unity of Restoration Saints
    Baptist Version of the Book of Mormon
    Belize Restoration Branches
    Bill Russell on an RLDS Schismatic Group
    Book of the Law of the Lord, Strangite scripture
    The Book of Michael (Reformed Mormonism)
    Buckner Restoration Branch
    Cameron Restoration Branch
    Celestial Orb (another Righteous Branch page)
    Centerplace: Independent RLDS churches
    Church of Christ, Restored
    Church of Christ, Temple Lot
    Church of Christ, Whitmerites
    Church of Christ with the Elijah Message
    Church of Christ with Elijah Message (an archived page)
    Church of Christ with the Elijah Message est. 1929
    The Church of Elias
    Church of Jesus Christ in Zion (archived official page)
    Church of Jesus Christ in Zion (Billings) Wikipedia entry
    Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonites)
    Church of Jesus Christ (Cutlerites) archived version
    Church of Jesus Christ Restored 1830
    Church of Jesus Christ Zion's Branch
    The Church of the Firstborn description page
    Church of the Firstborn (1992)
    Church of the Firstborn of the Fulness of Times
    Church of the Firstborn and the General Assembly of . . . . . .. . .Heaven
    Church of the Lamb of God
    Conference of Restoration Elders
    Council of Mayan Elders
    Council of Mayan Elders Scriptures
    Dallas Restoration Branch
    Dallas Restoration Branch (another one)
    Dan Gayman, Leader of the Church of Israel
    Daniel Seppings, Prince of Peace
    David's Outcasts
    Davidic Servant
    Folk on the Fringe
    Fort Worth Restoration Branch
    Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
    Gospel of Christ (Strangite)
    Hope of Zion
    House of Aaron
    Information on Latter Day Saint Movements
    In the Love of God Christ Jesus Eternal
    Joint Conference of Independent Restoration Branches
    Kingdom of Zion
    Kirtland Restoration Branch
    Laneshiner Movement (secretive elitist clique)
    The Last Olive Branch (Righteous Branch LDS)
    Latter-day Church of Christ (Kingston Clan)
    List of Polygamist Sects
    Lion of God Ministries
    Missionary Restoration Branch
    Mormon Beliefs.org (Strangite)
    Mormon Denominations
    Mormon Fundamentalism.com
    Mormon Fundamentalism.org
    Mormonites: Their Churches and Schisms
    Mount Ayr Restoration Branch
    New Covenant Church of God
    New Covenant Church of God Scriptures
    New Order Mormons
    North Star Chronicles, Fundamentalist periodical
    Oak Grove Restoration Branch
    Ogden Kraut (fundamentalist apologist)
    Order of Nazorean Essenes (Sons Ahman Israel)
    Parkview Restoration Branch
    Parowan Prophet
    The Patriarchal Church of Christ
    Patriot Saints
    Peace Monastery
    Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    The Peyote Way Church of God
    Polygamist Groups articles
    Reformed Mormonism
    Reformed Mormonism Gospel Doctrine
    Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Remnant Saints
    Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress
    Remnant Saint International Patriot alliance
    Restoration Church of Jesus Christ (gays)
    Restoration Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Restoration Gospel Outreach
    The Restoration of Christ's Gospel
    Restoration Patriarchs (the call to Unify)
    Restoration RLDS
    Restoration Voice Magazine, RLDS
    Righteous Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
    RLDS or Community of Christ
    The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon
    Sealed Portion of the Brother of Jared
    The Second Book of Commandments
    Sons Ahman Israel
    Strangite Missionary Work Master Thesis (pdf)
    Texas Restoration Priesthood Association
    True and Living Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
    The True Faith (another Strangite page)
    Understanding RLDS
    Who are you going to believe? 220 splinter groups listed
    Who are the Signaturi?
    Wikipedia Listing of Latter Day Saint Denominations
    Williamites (followers of William Smith)
    Word of the Lord Online Sections 1-120 (by Church of . . . . . . Christ/Elijah)
    Word of the Lord Online, Sections after 120
    Word of the Lord through Harry Edgar Baker
    World Church of Jesus Christ
    Zarahemla Branch, Traditional Branch of the Restoration
    Zion Fundamentalists
    LDS History
    Celestial Plural Marriage References
    Center for Education and Information on Polygamy
    Child Brides
    Chronology of Legislation on Polygamy
    Chronology Pertaining to Blacks and the Priesthood
    Chronology of the Succession in the First Presidency
    Doctrine and Covenant Revelation Sites
    Far West Cultural Center
    History of the RLDS Church
    John Whitmer Historical Association
    John Whitmer Church History
    Joseph Smith Jr. Family Organization
    Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Foundation
    LDS Church History (official page)
    LDS History
    Masonic Info on Mormonism
    Masonic Moroni
    Mormon Central
    Mormon History Association
    Mormon History Dude
    Mormon History Resource Page
    Mormon Info.org
    Mormon J: LDS Journal List
    Mormon Origins
    Mormon Quotes (has critical slant)
    Mormon Trails Association
    Old Newspaper Articles on the Mormons
    Polygamy Info - Activist site against the practice of polygamy. Attempts to raise awareness through education.
    Polygamy Leadership Tree (pdf)
    Remembering the Wives of Joseph Smith
    Resources for Understanding History of Temples
    Robert Fillerup's Mormon History and Doctrine
    Saints without Halos
    Schismatic Groups
    Tapestry against Polygamy
    Collections of Writings, Essays and Classic Works
    Ancient Texts
    Arden Eby's Religium
    Bible Gateway.com
    Bookman's Files on Mormania
    BYU Collection of 19th Century Mormon Writings
    BYU Family Expo Talk Archives
    Center for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts
    Centerplace Library
    Christian Classics Ethereal Library
    Classic Christian Books
    The Complete Works of Josephus
    Dead Sea Scrolls
    Dialogue Archives, hosted by BYU
    Early Jewish Writings
    The Ecole Initiative
    Enoch Texts
    Free Journals and Theses on LDS topics
    Gnostic Society's Library
    Heaven & its Wonders & Hell from Things Heard & Seen
    Internet Sacred Texts Archive
    Jewish History Texts
    Joseph Smith History Vault
    Journals, Diaries and Biographies of Early Mormons
    Journal of Discourses
    Mormon Classics Library
    The Nazerene Way
    Noncanonical Literature
    Oliver Cowdery's Memorial Page
    Open Scrolls Project
    Original Book of Mormon Text
    Patristics - early Christian writers
    Rare Books Library
    Rare LDS Books
    Reason Reprints of Historical Mormon Publications
    Refrigerium Early Christian Website
    Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
    Restoration Library
    Restored Covenant Edition of the Book of Mormon
    Sidney Rigdon Memorial Page
    Society of Biblical Literature
    Solomon Spaulding Studies Site
    Utah Lighthouse Ministry Online Books
    Sunday School and Other Lesson Preparation Helps
    Feast Upon the Word - This is a Mormon Wiki whose users discuss and provide specific insight to the LDS scriptures. Lots of good info here.
    Gospel Doctrine.com
    Gospel Doctrine teaching aids
    Jenny Smith.net - LDS clipart, Object Lessons, etc
    LDS Gospel Doctrine.net
    LDS General Conference Scriptural Index

    LDS Living Sunday Lessons
    LDS Substitute
    LDS Teach
    LDS Teaching
    Mormon life
    Mormontown Chapel
    Neumann Institute of LDS Sunday School Lessons
    Thoughts for Talks
    William C. Beardall's Gospel Doctrine Class
    Why Prophets.com
    Link Listings
    Apologetic Links
    Book of Mormon Recommended Links
    DMOZ Open Directory of Latter-day Saints
    LDS Digital
    LDS Family Gateway to the Internet
    LinkLight Mormon Links
    LDS Index.org
    Mormon Info Links (both sides)
    Mormon Find
    Mormon Life Web Links
    Mormons on the Internet
    Mormons on the Web
    Census Records.org
    Cyndi's List
    Ellis Island Records
    Everton Publishers
    Family Chronicle
    Family Search
    Family Search Indexing
    Find Your Family Tree
    Free Surname Search
    Genealogy Homepage
    Genealogy.com Learning Center
    Genealogy Resources on the Internet
    Helm's Genealogy Toolbox
    Irish and Scottish Genealogy Links
    Kindred Konnections
    My Ancestors Found
    One Great Family
    PAF Review
    Relationship Finder
    St. George Family History Center
    Unsolved Ancestry
    U.S. Genweb
    Utah Valley PAF Users Group
    West Virginia Vital Research Records
    World Gen Web
    Mormon Culture and news
    Famous Mormons
    LDS Today (LDS News Aggragator)
    Mormon Chic
    Misfit Mormons
    Mormon Name Generator
    Utah Baby Namer
    Commercial LDS Sites
    Book of Mormon Tours
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