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Chinese devoid
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    New Projects, New Design
    As you may have noticed, I just updated the graphics on this page. All are created by me. It tooks some doing, but I'm very pleased with the results. If anyone is interested, the Chinese character on the left means "devoid," according to one site I found. Of course, I'm no expert and it could mean "I dance in my underwear," but I'll just go with it for now. Devoid was one of the closest meanings I could find to the word "lacuna," so it seemed to fit.

    Anyway, on the right sidebar, you will notice some new stuff has been added. I am slowly working my way through an e-book, and you can view the progress at writing.mathoni.com. I have also started another site that will be full of writer's resources, which can be accessed at writer.lacuna.us. Hope you enjoy all my projects. Feel free to let me know what you think.
    05 Mar 2006 by matt

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